Do It Well, Co. was founded from the shared vision of Grace Ray & Kari Mitchell and has a continued mission of being a place for women to learn alongside each other to do this life the best they can.


In retrospect, it is hard to believe how perfectly the universe had to align to make Do It Well, Co. come to fruition. After seeing each other around the block on Instagram, it came as a surprise to us both that we would end up in the same online business class. After we were instructed to select accountability partners, we couldn’t help but gravitate towards one another in the sea of other students.

We had an instant connection and surprised ourselves daily with our serendipitous similarities. Week after week, we met on Skype to talk through our struggles as we conceptualized and started our new businesses and week after week we talked about feeling stuck, about being derailed by small setbacks, feeling an odd mix of excitement and disengagement from our chosen paths.

Along the way, our weekly Skype convos turned to a daily streams of texts and at least twice weekly calls. As our friendship deepened, we recognized the odd compatibility of our respective skills of process nerd and ADHD creative. And, when we finally admitted the need to correct our course and abandon our previous business plans, one of us (we’ll let you guess which one) blurted out,

“Do you want to come over to the dark side and work with me?”

What happened next was a flurry of yeses, tears, and chill bumps. Hours after we got off the phone, we were both still buzzing with excitement.  All of those roadblocks and feelings of stuck finally faded away and in their place was a sureness of direction, a flood of joy, and a sense that we had been brought together for this very reason.


Kari left DIW in January of 2017 to focus on her health and other creative interests. After a long battle with Stage IV cancer, Kari passed away in July 2017. Her friendship will be sorely missed by many.