For over a decade, Grace worked as a forensic interview specialist working with the FBI, Law Enforcement & Child Protection in the investigation of crimes involving children, she has been qualified as a child development expert and has taught internationally on child welfare issues. In 2014, she transitioned away from her career to pursue a more creative & joy-filled life.

Since then, she has written at The Big Reveal about her love of interior design, being a reformed cooking disaster, and parenting two completely rad children. Her interior design dabbling has been recognized by industry experts including Good Housekeeping, Domino Magazine, and Design*Sponge. She’s been called a “cool mom” by Good Housekeeping, “the wizard of DIYs” by House of Hipsters and “someone who loves coffee more than her children” … by her own children.

Grace enjoys challenging the delusion of balance, ranting about insincerity in social media, and being completely irreverent even when not entirely appropriate (especially when not entirely appropriate). Her daily challenges include managing her multiple chronic illnesses and her perpetual pursuit of finding something clean to wear. Grace is the Editor-In-Chief and owner of Do It Well, Co. You can find her elsewhere at @gracefulheart.


Kari is the former co-founder of Do It Well, Co. While she no longer works on DIW, she loves its mission. Kari is the writer behind Go Home Cancer, You're Drunk, where she chronicles her life living with stage IV cancer. Prior to diving head first into the publishing world, Kari worked as a brand manager & content strategist for several worldwide brands including Nike, Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, and Hanes, Inc.

She currently lives in Maryland with her two cats and one husband, who shares her love of a glass of red wine, the New York Times, and a good Netflix binge session. She is on a quest to find the perfect taco and hopes to one day become a crochet ninja. You can find her as on Instagram.

After a long battle with Stage IV cancer, Kari passed away in July 2017.