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One of our core beliefs at Do It Well, CO. is community. This Space is a collective of talented creatives who learn alongside one another through life inspired storytelling. Do you have a story to share?

We are currently looking for the following for our Upcoming issues:

Issue 5: Unbridled 

There is something about the dawn of warmer months that makes us want to shake off the shackles, dare a little more, get a little wild.  What would you do if you felt just a little fearless? What ways could you be more daring? What would life be like if you jumped in heart first? These are the questions we are answering and are looking for your contribution of being unbridled. We are looking for your story, poem, photos, videos, art or any other creative medium that expresses the concept of unbridled.

Issue 6: Nostalgia 

We are suckers for summers past. Melting popsicles, freckled faces, running wild, the smell of sunscreen. Summer just brings us back to simplicity, to childhood, to our core desires.  What did you want from life before it got complicated? What lit you up? Set your heart on fire?  We want to hear about it all. We are looking for your story, poem, photos, videos, art or any other creative medium that expresses your love of summer and what that time means to you!

All submissions should focus on one of our core categories - health, life, culture, travel, relationships, career, family, and soul - as well as align with each issue's theme. We love traditional articles, essays, poems, artwork, photography, whatever your shines your creative light into the world! Shine on!

As a contributor, you will be featured on our site and promoted through various social media sites. We accept multiple submissions per issue.

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