Snack Break Volume 2

Need a little break? Grab a snack & take in a little dose of inspiration, beauty, and wonder selected for each issue by our editors.

If you want to laugh along with learning something deep and meaningful about your life as a woman, listen to the Guilty Feminist Podcast. It is a show headlined by two female comedians who start out each show with a series of jokes that start “I’m a feminist but…” One of our favorite episodes is on women’s magazines (surprise!:)). 

We love Maria-Ines Gul, an incredible illustrator from the UK. Her illustrations are witty, thought provoking, and totally unique.

Marie Ines Gul's work has been featured in the New York Times, Rookie Magazine, Refinery29, and Anorak Magazine, just to name a few. We are drawn to her whimsical illustrations and empowering visuals.

Forget pumpkin spice lattes (no, really, they are disgusting). The best part of Fall is it means crochet season. We are both huge fans of all the great small crochet & knit businesses we've fallen in love with on Instagram. One of our favorites is the Crochet Gallery. Sabina's projects are so cozy and so far we've been loving trying out her patterns, too!

We want warm everything right now. Warm socks, warm snuggles, warm drinks. And, just the sound of this drink makes us happy: Cacao Hazelnut Hug.  Doesn’t that sound better than a PSL anyway?

With the fall weather finally here, there is no better time than to curl up with a good book. Currently on our nightstand: The Mercy Papers and Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls. Both are powerful illustrations of dealing with major changes in your life and deciding how you will show up and handle adversity.  

Speaking of reading, we loved reading about the technique two of Obama's female staffers use to support one another in not just being heard, but being credited for their ideas.