One Last Thing with Becky Waddell

In each of our issues, One Last Thing is where we ask just a couple of burning questions to our contributors or interview subjects.

Becky Waddell is the founder and owner of Be Clean, a natural skin care shop that showcases products that are small batch, vegan, plant based, and cruelty free in addition to featuring products from makers such as jewelry and other household items.

DIW: What’s the most embarrassing song on your Spotify playlist?

Becky: I don't have Spotify! Behind the times... But in general my most embarrassing musical love is Billy Joel.

DIW: What lesson do you wish you had learned earlier? In life or in business?

Becky: In life, I wish I had learned earlier not to hold on too tightly to any one vision or desire, and to understand that life is very much a journey with outcomes you cannot predict -- and that's okay. In business, I'm still learning; I'll have to get back to you :)

DIW: Who do you find inspiring?

Becky: Honestly, people who go about their day with authentic love and compassion are the most inspiring people to me. It's so easy to be angry, frustrated, rushed and generally impatient with the world around us, but I don't think it's very productive or healthy for individuals or communities. People who can treat the most maddening of situations with compassion and patience are the people who really make me want to do and be better.

DIW: What do you think is your weirdest quirk?

Becky: Ha! I started answering with "I make really weird hand movements when I talk," but I thought I'd ask my husband, too. He immediately said, "Your hand movements!" I sometimes make Vannah White-like waving gestures when I'm chatting, but instead of her graceful movement, my hands find themselves in a crab claw-like shape. I'm cracking up writing this... it's really weird and I have no idea where it came from.

DIW: What can you never compromise on?

Becky: Good quality food, which I realize is a rather privileged thing to say. I wish it wasn't.

DIW: Since our theme is self discovery this month, what is something you were surprised to recognize about yourself?

Becky: In the last few years I've found that my family and our future is really central to my decision making. I guess I never thought of myself as "family oriented," but if there's anything I've learned in life, it's that our time is limited and we should spend it according to our terms and with the people we love. I think we talked about that but it's something I reflect on regularly. I've learned that there's a lot of pressure to do and be things that don't in any way speak to our individual experiences, preferences or needs. I think that's unfair and I'm glad I have already realized that, and not 20 years from now.