#askingforafriend: Seeking Submissions

#askingforafriend is the place to ask any question...you know the type of question. The one that makes you a little embarrassed, totally mortified, cringing with fear, broken hearted, afraid the neighbors will find out, and anything that fits in between. If you need a friend’s take on life, love, parenting, career, #askingforafriend is here.

Between the two of us, we’ve lived a lot of life, made a lot of mistakes, learned from them, taken the wrong path, taken the better path, had our share of successes. Four marriages, two kids, vastly different professional paths, multiple chronic illnesses, and crazy full lives. Each issue, we'll tackle questions we think many of us can relate to, some with depth, some with humor, and all with love. Learn along with us to do this life the best we can.

Got a question for us?

Click here to submit your burning questions about life, love, career, or health, add #askingforafriend as the subject and you may be featured in our next issue! 

Until then, check out our first #askingforafriend around the issue of online infidelity and let us know what you think. Had a similar experience? A different take? We want to know what advice you would offer, because we are all in this life together.