Issue 3: Rituals & Traditions


Megan Piferi

Megan is a marketing and branding professional who loves to stretch her creative muscles in her free time through writing, cooking and photography.

Megan enjoys traveling and learning new techniques, flavors and cuisines to bring home. She also takes on more DIY projects than she’d like to admit and has plenty to contribute to #pinterestfail. She lives in the Washington D.C. area with her husband, dog and newborn baby.



Stasia Savasuk is a Personal Stylist (with a twist!) and founder of Stasia’s Style School. Her unconventional-transformation-motivational approach to style leads women of all ages and stages on an intuitive journey of letting go, knowing what they know, and embracing a life filled with confidence, courage and (inside-out) congruency. Stasia knows that changing your pants will change your life, and has ushered hundreds of women away from years of body-shaming and muffin-top jeans to a place of body acceptance and pants that fit-to-flatter. 

Stasia can be seen frolicking in the backwoods of Vermont with her two kids, wearing a skirt, big earrings, bold lipstick and the world's best accessory, a friendly smile.


Athena Pelton

Athena Pelton is a photographer, storyteller, motorbiker, and self-professed do-it-all-er. She creates with a fervor and zest and her work embodies a tangible, heartfelt passion. Recently her writing was recognized by NPR and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She lives near Minneapolis with her husband and two wombfruits.

Athena is also a member of NECO, a collaborative brand agency in NE Minneapolis.




Rachel Preece

Rachel Preece is a writer based in Munich, Germany. Originally from rural Shropshire in the UK, Rachel moved to Munich on a whim in 2008, just after completing her degree, and she's been there ever since.
When not sitting at her beloved desk, Rachel loves visiting countries less traveled, eating good, wholesome food, curling up with a book and writing for her blog, Arts in Munich.


Laura D'Alessandro

Laura is a food blogger, journalist and editor who recently relocated from DC to LA to soak up the sunshine and all those wellness vibes.

You can learn more about Laura via her blog, Laura Linda Lou.


Kelsey Marcus

Kelsey is a has-been big city living, bodybuilding, all-or-nothing kind of gal who is currently enjoying a slower life in a small town off the Chesapeake Bay. She tries to travel as much as possible and adores food. Over at A Little Rosemary and Time she blogs about promoting a more natural, happy, healthy sustainable lifestyle. Kelsey is currently working towards becoming a Registered Dietician.

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