Snack Break: Volume Three

Need a little break? Grab a snack & take in a little dose of inspiration, beauty, and wonder selected for each issue by our editors.

In what has proven to be one of the most divisive elections in American history, we have seen striking contrasts between our candidates and their supporters. An issue that has come to the forefront has been the treatment of women and it has, for many of us, been a painful reminder of how much work remains before women are consistently treated with dignity, respect and equality. Regardless of which political party you support, this passionate speech given by Michelle Obama is a must watch or read the full transcript.

And, if you’ve already seen it, but are still fired up, check out The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About and pass it on to a man in your life who needs to understand the daily struggle.

I Used To Be A Human Being  is a brilliant long form article from NY Magazine that goes deep into how the constant bombardment of news and gossip online is causing a deep malaise. While we don’t know if we are ready to go cold turkey quite yet, we are definitely introducing technology free blocks of time each day. And, trying to be more aware of what technology fuels us and what drains us (and doing less of the brain drain stuff!) We don’t want our kids to grow up with a million memories of us with our faces buried in our iPhone either.

And, if you are wondering just how much time you spend on your device, download this app and prepare to be shocked. We were totally mortified by how much time we were accumulating each day through those little moments we filled with the endless scrolling. (Insert embarrassed emoji.)

As we are preparing for the upcoming cold season (and our Hygge issue), this little book about the Danish concept of well being has popped up on our bookshelves.

Also on our bookshelves, is the latest from Maria Semple, author of Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

And, while you're reading, this article by María Teresa Kumar, President of Voto Latino on why not voting is equal to surrendering is a must read. With November 8th looming over us, it is critical that we all exercise our right to vote.

Read a good book or article? Listened to an inspiring podcast or seen a great movie? We love to know what you are interested in, so tell us what your favorites are this month. Drop us a comment below!