Snack Break: Vol. 4

Need a little break? Grab a snack & take in a little dose of inspiration, beauty, and wonder selected for each issue by our editors.

There has been a lot of talk in the media about the "no makeup" movement and it can sometimes feel as if we have to eschew makeup in order to be considered serious women. This article by the incredible Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a lovely counterpoint to that argument. For those of us who enjoy the occasional winged eye liner or ruby lip AND enjoy reading The Washington Post and being social activists, Chimamanda relieves our guilt and artfully describes how those things are not mutually exclusive. 

Another piece worth a read, especially if you are a parent, is this article from MotherMag about teaching children authenticity and happiness like the Danes do. 

Two podcasts we have been loving:


One Part Podcast with Jessica Murnane. The podcast mostly features wellness and food, but has had guests ranging from a psychic medium to our own recent guests, Botanica. Jessica is a great interviewer, hilarious and honest, and we love every minute!



Homecoming  from Gimlet Media. We love every podcast Gimlet has put out, from Reply All to Science Vs. and now Homecoming. Homecoming is a fictional story broken out over multiple episodes. It reminds me of what an old radio program must have been like. The story is super fascinating and brilliantly edited to draw you in. It stars Oscar Isaac, Catherine Keener, and David Schwimmer.


Speaking of David Schwimmer, he is married to an amazing woman and incredible artist Zoe Buckman. Zoe has channeled her outrage about the recent sexist and dehumanizing comments made by several politicians into an art installation We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident. Check out her Instagram for some behind the scenes (and also just follow along because she is completely rad). 

Our our watchlist:

Now that the holidays are behind us, we've been catching up on our binge watching. Here are two recent Netflix additions that caught our eye. 

Minimalism. If you haven't already been Marie Kondo'ed to death, this documentary about minimalism is supposed to be eye opening and we are up for anything that helps us lead more thoughtful and intentional lives.

And, in the "turn of your brain and just enjoy a little entertainment" category, we are intrigued by OA. We loved Sense8, another Netflix original, and while we wait till Season 2 finally starts, we are hoping OA lives up to the hype.

We'd love to know what you are reading, listening to and binge watching. Leave us a Comment below.