Why Hygge and a Letter from the Editor

Many months ago when we were planning this issue, Kari told me about the Danish concept of Hygge. After we sorted out how the heck to pronounce it (it's hue-gah for those who are counting), we dove into figuring out exactly what it is. Hygge is not an easily translated word even in Danish. It is more a philosophy than a mere definition. 

Hygge is about being present and intentional in every moment, seeing the beauty in the ordinary, making connections and creating intimacy. Celebrating ritual as a transformative practice. Breeding comfort, wellbeing, security, kinship and familiarity. Hygge is hard to define simply, but its essence is simple. A simple view of life as seen through a lens of love despite hardship. 

Hygge was originally created out of necessity by the Danes for their long, dark and bleak winters (as a Minnesota girl, I feel their pain!) and because of this practice of thriving amidst adversity, Danes are counted as the happiest people in the world. And, I will be honest, we wanted some of what they were having. Whatever it was that made them so damn happy, we were willing to do it. And, while Kari is no longer working with DIW, I am excited and proud to carry on with the concept she introduced me to so many months ago. 

This issue represents so many different versions of Hygge from cozy, heartfelt recipes to finding community and friendship with strangers a world away. I hope you enjoy the issue. And, please join me in sending Kari all our love as she continues her creative passions on @girl.living.life and @lagommodernknits

With love,