Letter From The Editors

Welcome To The Issue!

Do It Well, CO. has launched and we could not be more excited!

We’re not sure if it is turning 41 this month (a day apart!) or just the time of year, but something about the transition from late summer to the start of the school year has us both turning inward. Self Discovery is the theme of our premier issue and of this mini issue sneak peak. We are digging deep to heal the old, discover parts forgotten and find the new beginnings.

In this mini issue, we've come to terms with our expectations of summer, explored our inner workings, documented our shifting priorities, and profiled some amazing women. 


Get inspired by all around badass and creative entrepreneur Athena Pelton. Find out how the Universe pushed her past her fear to embrace the life she was meant to have.

(And, check out her amazing photography, too!)






Our launch issue also marks the debut of our own advice column, #askingforafriend. It is your place to ask anything, no matter how personal, and we promise we won't tell the neighbors. No question is off limits, so ask away! 


Summer isn't over yet and those temperatures continue to rise as we head into August. We know that everyone handles summer in their own way, some love it and some dread it - Together, we explored our own personal struggles and joys during the year's hottest season. Jump to The Waiting Game or Evolving Summer and dive right in.

And finally, go behind the scenes with one of our favorite Instagram photographers, Kirsten Michalski from @neverforgetthosedays. We chat a bit about her love of travel and her global project, #lettersfromkirsten

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With love,

Kari & Grace